Jonas Grimås


Julia is a dream and a delight to work with. A consulate professional with a wonderful presence on screen. I would not hesitate to work with her again. And again. 

Kevin Russell

Director New Dreams Theatre

Julia Florimo is an actress of great skill and depth, with a huge commanding stage presence. Her performance of Christine in Ibsen's A Dolls House, was warm loving and ultimately determined. A brilliant, versatile actress, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jane Foster

Director/Writer 23 Films

Julia is one of the easiest actresses to work with and makes a great addition to any cast. She is a lovely spirit, who is talented and well trained. She also has a flexible accent due to mixed European background, making her ideal for a wide range of roles.

Ros Gihan Williams

Director/Writer Night Shift Films

Julia is a joy to work with, she has boundless energy and enthusiasm. And also real depth and desire to get to know and explore a character and their choices. Ultimately she really loves acting and this drives her skillful performances.

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